Reviews All Aspects Catering & Events

All Aspects Catering & Events Has Put Together Some Reviews So You Can See That We Truly Are The Top Catering Company in San Diego


James L, Escondido, Event Date 4/04/15

Shad and crew were awesome at our product launch.  We didn’t have a big budget so we went with the hamburger and hot dog menu.  They brought out some grills and cooked everything fresh on site.  The potato salad and french fries were really good as well!  The one thing that I really appreciated is that they had the food ready right at 1pm.  We had a schedule of events and the food being ready made everything else on time.  I couldn’t be happier with their services and will call them for our picnic this summer.  Thanks again guys you made me look good!

Heather & Aaron, San Diego, Tasting Date 3/28/15

These guys really know how to make a first impression. My fiance and I felt like we were receiving the VIP treatment as soon as we walked in, and it only got better from there. The food was more than outstanding, quite possibly the best meal I have ever had. They were extremely helpful in going over every detail of the itinerary and made suggestions on things we hadn’t even thought of.
I can’t say enough great things about their kindness, presentation and the overall experience. We never once felt pressured to upgrade to more expensive choices, which is nice when you are working with a budget. For everything that we are having at our wedding for 100 guests, their price cannot be beat.

Thanks to them, this was the easiest part of planning our wedding.

Denise J, Inland Empire, Tasting Date 3/28/15

I went for a tasting at All Aspects Catering. Shad was very professional and his food was excellent. We feel very confident that he will do everything in his power to help make my special day run smoothly . We look forward to tasting his delicious food again

Robert H, San Diego,  Event Date 3/14/15

Shad and his team are absolutely amazing.
My new wife and I were recently married and we found Shad and knew it was perfect.
Leading up to the day of Shad was easy to communicate with and answered all of our questions, even some we didn’t knew we had. Lol.
The day of the area was filled with the smell of them cooking and preparing the food. The food was exceptional and our guests were talking about it for over a week. It tasted and looked amazing.
Shad and his team were very attentive and had anything we needed our asked for on hand.
I personally received numerous compliments from our guests and passed them on to Shad and his team.
Shad and his team were on top of everything. We couldn’t have asked for a better caterer.
Thanks again for an amazing job

Joseph L, San Diego,  Event Date 3/21/15

Ok so they catered our wedding reception this last weekend.  They were fun and the food was great.  Shawn was our coordinator and he was on point.  All in all it was a good experience with All Aspects.  The food was just as good as the tasting which I thought was pretty cool.  They cooked at the reception and the food was fresh.  Our guests loved it!  I paid $30.00 per head and that included appatizers as well.  They handled our tables and linen drapes as well.  Nothing bad to say to be honest.  Oh I forgot to add that they packed up all of the left over food and sent it home with us.  I just dropped their cooking pan back off today.  That was really cool and they were happy to do it.

Lisa R, San Diego, Event Date 3/12/15

So these guys showed up for our mom’s 50th Anniversary Party.  They brought This big black smoker thingy and some big barbeque grill.  We had only like 45 people so I thought it was a bit much…umm I was wrong.  Nate (so cute!) proceeded to cook the prime rib in the smoker thingy and Leslie was setting up the buffet tables.  They made this cool fruit thing that was edible.  It was like art but with watermelon.  hehe  So then the bartender showed up (Blane I think) and proceeded to get us all drunk!  Well we are Irish so we are always drinking anyway.  Anyways…the appitizers were coconut shrimp and the fruit art.  They were really good.  The best was the dinner…ok, so the prime rib was!  So good and the chicken Nate grilled was so good…lemon garlic flavor.  We had mashed potatoes and veggies and they were good to…but the prime rib was the best.  So Nate did ask me to Yelp him regardless of how everything went which I thought was cool.  He was super chill and he’s sooooo cute!  :)   Ok, so all in all everything was good.  They were really cool and my mom says she got a good deal on the price.  Bye Bye

Sarah W, San Diego, Event Date 2/21/15

All Aspects Catering was our caterer for our wedding. I have to say that they were great and the food was so delicious. The garlic mash and the tri tip were amazing and the vegetables were crisp and tasty. They served right at 5pm and the buffet line went pretty fast. Their staff was dressed the same, black pants, white shirt, black shoes, and I thought it added a nice touch. I could not have been happier! Thanks again for making my day so special and stress free!

Lina K, San Diego, Event Date 2/05/15

All Aspects Catering was our caterer for my mother’s celebration of life. They were recommended by a friend so I called them and booked over the phone without tasting the food. The man who answered was very nice and sympathetic. I told him we wanted the food to be dropped off and set up by 1pm. They were there at noon and had everything setup before 1pm. The food was very good. We had a sandwich meal with 2 appetizers, veggie tray, and fruit display. Our family was happy with the service and I would recommend them to anyone who needs catering.