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 Non Alcoholic Beverages:

1)) Infused Water (Lemon, Lime, Orange, Pineapple, Cucumber, or Mint)
2) Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, OR Raspberry Lemonade
3) Raspberry Iced Tea or Lemon Iced Tea
4) Tropical Fruit Punch
5) Assorted Canned Soda: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, Root Beer, Orange and More!
6) Individual Bottled Water

Non Alcoholic Beverages / Beverage Catering San Diego

Non Alcoholic Beverage Catering San Diego

7) Rich Hot Chocolate & Whipped Cream
8) Regular and Decaf Coffee Includes Creamer & Sugar
9) Hot Water with Assorted Tea Bags
10) Chilled Juice – Orange, Apple or Cranberry

Beverage Pricing
1 Beverage $1.75 per person
2 Beverages $2.25 per person
3 Beverages $2.75 per person
4 Beverages $3.25 per person

Bar Service:

Bartender @ $40 per hour -Minimum 4 Hours
(Recommend 1 Hour for Both Set Up & Breakdown)

Bartender 2

Call All Aspects Catering & Events Bartending Specialist To Discuss Your Ideal Beverage Menu. It Can Be Tailored To Each Clients Ideas! 855.287.7658

Bar Essentials @ $3 per person
(Includes: Ice, Ice Bowl, Ice Scoop, Coolers to store Client’s Beverages,
Upgraded Disposable Beer and Wine Cups, Bottle Opener, Wine Key
Martini Shakers, Beverage Napkins, Banquet Bar Table & Black Bar Linen)

Glassware For The Bar

Rocks Glass @ $1 each
Wine Glass @ $1 each
Glass Champagne Flute @ $1 each
Pilsner Glasses @ $1 each
Shot Glasses @ $0.75 each
(Customized Packages Available Upon Request)